Sound Legal Counsel For Persons Injured On Unsafe Property

Private and commercial property owners, property managers and landlords have a legal duty to keep areas safe for people to use.

When that responsibility is overlooked, and people are injured while using slippery walkways, malfunctioning elevators or stairs in need of repair, innocent victims have rights that must be protected.

Are you in the hospital, and not at work as you should be, because of a slip-and-fall injury on unsafe property?

Are you or a family member struggling with the burden of lost wages, medical bills and the physical pain and suffering of recovery because of an unfortunate encounter with slick flooring, falling objects or dangers in the workplace?

If you are to receive justice, the lawyer you need to hire is T. Taylor Townsend of the T. Taylor Townsend LLC personal injury law firm in Natchitoches.

Mr. Townsend listens carefully to your version of what happened. He acts swiftly upon what he learns and brings the facts of your case to negotiations with insurance companies representing a property owner. If a settlement cannot be reached that covers your accident expenses and reflects your pain and suffering, our law office is fully prepared to protect your rights in court.

On the personal service front, thanks to our contingency fee policy, you owe no attorney fee unless we win your case.

Attorney With 25 Years Of Experience And Track Record Of Success In Premises Liability Cases

Your personal injury claim for premises liability could include grounds for negligent security if inadequate lighting leads to a criminal attack; an animal bite, if you are a delivery person or postal carrier; or lack of supervision for a pool drowning on private property.

Whatever the circumstances, you should contact T. Taylor Townsend LLC to arrange a free initial consultation. Just call 318-379-4267 or send an email message. If your injury has confined you to your home or a hospital room, Mr. Townsend can meet with you there.