Protecting Your Freedoms And Future After A Serious Drug Crime Arrest

Serious state and federal drug charges of possession, distribution and manufacturing of methamphetamine ("meth"), heroin, cocaine or prescription drugs bring equally serious consequences for the convicted.

Unless you relish the prospect of a lengthy prison term, heavy fines that ruin you financially and a criminal record that stays with you for the rest of your life, you owe it to yourself and loved ones to retain the most experienced, skilled, aggressive criminal defense attorney you can find in Natchitoches and surrounding areas.

At T. Taylor Townsend LLC, you can expect client-focused, detail-minded, results-driven defense strategies that increase your chances of putting this crisis behind you.

Attorney T. Taylor Townsend founded his law firm to help people just like you — people whose Fourth Amendment rights may have been violated by a warrantless search and seizure; drugs that were planted on your person, in your home or inside your motor vehicle; and asset forfeiture of property that rightfully belongs to you.

Were you arrested for drug crimes such as trafficking, importation, cultivation, conspiracy or sale of a controlled substance near a school or church? Are you accused of possession of drug paraphernalia? Do you suspect that a personal vendetta or "sting" operation victimized you? Did your drug charges begin when police stopped you for drunk driving?

T. Taylor Townsend listens carefully to your version of what happened. His in-depth investigation unearths facts that could reflect poorly on law enforcement and expose flaws in the state's case against you. His knowledge of federal sentencing guidelines, ability to negotiate with prosecutors and tenacious advocacy in court can work in your favor.

Experience You Can Depend On, In And Out Of Court — And A Name You Can Trust

Too much is at stake, for your freedoms and future, to trust an inexperienced defense lawyer with your case. T. Taylor Townsend is the lawyer you need to hire. Your free initial consultation can be arranged right now at 318-379-4267 or by email.