Defending Your Interests And Driver's License After A DUI Arrest In Louisiana

Potential punishments for a drunk driving conviction in Louisiana are numerous and life-changing: jail time, harsh fines, an end to driving privileges, an ignition interlock device on your motor vehicle, impounding of the vehicle and damage to your reputation, just to name a few.

Don't surrender to this bleak outcome — and don't say a word to authorities until you have spoken with our T. Taylor Townsend LLC law firm.

With 25 years of successful service to DUI and criminal defense clients to his credit, T. Taylor Townsend knows how to investigate reasons for drunk driving arrests, negotiate with prosecutors and argue for clients' interests in court if necessary. Our law firm works hard to put you back on the road, so you can continue to get to your job each day and provide for your family.

Experience You Can Count On, A Name You Can Trust In DUI/DWI Defense

As your lawyer, T. Taylor Townsend examines police procedures before and during your stop for alleged drunk driving. He looks closely into the possibility that a breath testing machinery defect may have worked against you. He considers the roles that bad weather, dangerous roads, a malfunction in your own vehicle or pre-existing medical condition may have played.

Any number of factors can cause law enforcement to mistake erratic driving for drunk driving, and abuse its "probable cause" to single you out and question you. T. Taylor Townsend explores every legal avenue that could lead to reduction or dismissal of your drunk driving charges.

Are you at risk for a driver's license suspension or revocation? Are authorities accusing you of refusing a breath test or blood test that records blood alcohol content?

Whether your arrest was for your first, second or third offense, you should act now to ensure that a skilled defense attorney protects your rights. Contact T. Taylor Townsend LLC in Natchitoches today at 318-379-4267 or send an email message for a free initial consultation.