Experienced Protection Of Your Rights In Louisiana Criminal Courts

An arrest for a serious crime can stop your life on a dime.

Instantly, your freedoms and future are at stake. Harsh punishments await you upon conviction — imprisonment, heavy fines, a criminal record, separation from loved ones, loss of personal and professional reputation, strict conditions of probation upon your release, to name just a few.

The only person standing between this bleak outcome and a brighter future, for you and your family, is your criminal law attorney. In Natchitoches and across Louisiana, that skilled, hardworking, client-focused defense lawyer is T. Taylor Townsend, founder of the T. Taylor Townsend LLC law firm.

Mr. Townsend's 25 years as a lawyer in state and federal courts can work to your advantage when you are arrested for drunk driving, drug charges such as possession or trafficking, a white collar crime, an Internet crime, a sex offense or murder. His criminal defense practice is founded upon responsiveness to your account of your arrest, investigation of overreach by law enforcement, effective negotiations with prosecutors and persuasive litigation before judge and jury.

The Lawyer You Need To Hire When Liberties And Livelihoods Are At Stake

Too much is at stake for you to delay the selection of the right defense attorney for you. Government prosecutors could be mounting a credible case against you even as you read this. Contact T. Taylor Townsend LLC immediately if you have been arrested.

Call 318-379-4267to arrange a free initial consultation with Mr. Townsend, to discuss your DUI/DWI or criminal charges in complete confidence. We welcome your email inquiry and respond to it promptly.